• A Cup of Motivation

    How you start your day usually defines how it goes and in what mood you’re going to end it.

    We, entrepreneurs, are hustlers. We don’t waste any time, especially in the morning. We prefer to wake up a bit earlier than we have to so that we can work on our passion project.

    Coffee is a big part of that routine. It gets us moving, helps us get an energy boost and start getting things done from the moment we wake up.

    Without it, however, we’re rarely in the mood. Especially if other people and daily worries come up early in the morning. Then, we have to deal with them, get stressed and be negative.

    But not if we manage to have our coffee first, to tell everyone else not to bother us when we do focused work, to make early mornings a priority and turn the whole thing into a sacred ritual.

    So tell others you’re just not in the mood for regular and minor issues before you’re had your coffee with our T-shirt on the topic.

    Keep your goal in mind. Kickstart your day with a cup of coffee, a positive mindset and a nice T-shirt to go with them.

    Start working on your to-do list right away and get ahead of others before they’ve even woken up.

  • What Are You Wearing?!?!

    What you wear affects you more than you think.

    If it’s a T-shirt that motivates you, looks good on you and that says something encouraging, you’ll feel good about yourself every time you look in the mirror and will wear it with pride.

    That’s what we have in mind at I’m Nice when creating products.

    Born To Be Great T-Shirt

    Check out this Born to Be Great tee that will remind you of the greatness within when you put it on in the beginning of the day and every time you look at it.

    It’s for the ones who are willing to become someone and make a difference, starting today.

    Nice Royalty Body (womens)

    Or maybe you’re in the mood to feel like a king today with I’m Nice Royalty Crew T-shirt, or set free the queen in you with the one for females.

    Whatever you choose, make sure you truly feel the message what you wear will spread. Others will see it, but most importantly, you’ll know it and will be reminded of it all the time.

    This way you won’t forget your mission and goals in life, you’ll keep moving forward no matter what, and will do it with style and attitude.

    So what mood are you in today? And what kind of a T-shirt can boost it?